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  • One of Top 30 Innovators of IIGP (India Innovation Growth Program.
  • Dissemination of Technology in Favour of Developing World.
  • Bamboo Greenhouse, A multi-technology innovation for an eco-friendly and economical, yet highly efficient Greenhouse.
  • Technical Expert in Dryland Farming, precision farming and Greenhouse Technology.

Problem of Quality Food Production

To feed everyone properly and to assure supply of quality food stuff we have to improve the technology of food production.  Unfortunately, in comparison to the world scenario of Industry and Service sector, the Agricultural sector is lagging far behind in growth rate of technology infusion. This has to be rectified immediately, otherwise, a mismatch between Agriculture and non-agriculture community may create a serious problem in the society.

At the same time the inequality of adoption of Farming-Technology (due to lack of fund and information access) by common farmer / producer and the commercial / big / rich producer is a serious concern.

The problem is simple, the solution is also not a difficult proposition, but change of mind-set and perception about development is a very complex aspect to deal.


Bamboo Greenhouse

Greenhouse cultivation is a feasible way to increase production in small piece of land. But the high cost and lack of technology for Humid & hot climate limited its proliferation among mass.

Bamboo Greenhouse is a perfect solution to the above problem. My innovative bamboo greenhouse is a package of technology to construct an eco-friendly, energy efficient, low-cost, naturally ventilated protective structure. It is compatable to naturally ventilated greenhouse made up of iron with respect to cleanliness, durability, maintainability and efficiency.It is simple, scientific, affordable but difficult to process and build.

In Details


Farming in Dryland

It will be another very omportant area for the future Agriculture development due to the prevailling and coming uncertainity of water supply ominously hovering over the farm production sector around the world. By now most of the productive lands have nearly been exhausted in order to maximise the production as well as to accomodate urbanization and indrustrialization. At the same time such land and its environment has been polluted to a dangerous level, only within two decades. Under this condition the growing world population may not be fed properly unless the production of dryland farmingis improved in immidiate future. My 'Centre for Conservation Farming and Research (CCFR)' is an effort to create a comprehensive idea, rather a model, to demonstrate Dryland Farming, a multidiciplinary subjet.

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Can Offer

Consultancy / Advisory work for -

  1. Business Concept & Planning, 
  2. Reserch and Development Ideas, 
  3. Greenhouse Technology,
  4. Dryland Farming in a Professional Way


Quality Food Production Problems

Addressing the complex issues involved in the food production industry with a scientific and technologically efficient approach, that will help in solving the problems of food production in the future.



Dryland Farming

The Globe is deep down in serious trouble mainly because of non-availability of water required for agriculture. Hence, technology of crop production in water-scarce situation, i.e. dryland situation, is still the most vital aspect of future agriculture.



Dissemination of Technology

Reaching out and disseminating agricultural technology so that all small holding farmers can benefit from advanced technology, and make the best of every patch of cultivated land.



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    Nadia, WB-741235, India

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